Permanent Market Stall in the fashion section of great Portobello Market for Sale

One of our stunning permanent Market Stall in the fashion section of the very busy Portobello Market in West London’s Notting Hill for sale. It is a fantastic opportunity for fashion designers, makers or retailers.

This is the stall for sale

This is the stall for sale


–       The fashion section of the Portobello Market is situated in Westway, which is recognisable by the concrete flyover above your head that is the motorway into central London!

–       It is about a minute away from Ladbroke Grove Tube Station.


–       Portobello Market is well known for its uniqueness to the whole world and tourist must-see destination ( ).

–       This is a rare opportunity as most of the market traders are there for generations and only a few stalls at the market get sold every year.

–       The permanent pitch licence will be yours until you sell it.

–       The Licence will permit you to sell: all types of fashion, jewellery, accessories  and gifts

–       The stall is 7ft x 17ft, which is big enough for a tidy changing room and to put away your extra stocks.

–       No business rate to pay, no credit check – one licence covers everything you need in trams of your business fixed cost.


–       I sell jewellery and handbags and my average earning was £400 – £1000 (depending on the time of the year) and my friend who earns £500 – £1100, sells ladies clothes on the next stall.

–       The stall can be rented from £120 – £180 pre week (depending on the time of the year).

–       There is affordable storage facility available.

–       I will provide you some of the best wholesalers/ suppliers’ details to start your business and I will provide you ongoing support on finding tenants for your stall and inform you other opportunities as they arose.

–       There are opportunities to partner with non-competitive neighbouring stalls by merging with them to make the pitch to a bigger trading area to attract a great amount of customers.

–       There are opportunities to sell your goods online as I am building a website based on the market traders, which would be another selling channel.


–       The market is only for Saturday, however the management will give you priority as a permanent stall holder if you would like to trade on other days of the week especially on Friday and Sunday.


–       I am happy to provide the market stall in a cheaper price of only £5150 because I am not paying any agent fees and not selling through 3rd party.

–       Other fees: there is a one off fees of £280 to pay to the market management, which covers the transfer fees and public-liability insurance fees.

–       There is £68 per week rent payable.

To know more about the stall and arrange a viewing please call Rob on 07960999764. or email I am only available on Saturday. It would be best if you kindly text me and I will get back to you, as I don’t have reception where I work. I am looking forward to hearing form you soon.


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