How to promote your market stall?

Often I have been asked by various new starters and also established market traders about promoting their stalls. I always said there no roles from the book to be followed and promoting a market stall should be done from the call of basic instinct. However I have a few of my personal strategies that I follow time to time for my stall at the Portobello Market which are simple and effective most of the time. Below I have revealed top Four:

–       Presentation: Present your item in the best friendly way that is attracting and feel comfortable to get closer to the item. Obviously you would display or present your bet item at the from of the stall, however you must put enough effort to make the custom to come inside of your stall and go right at the back to see what item you are selling there. We face challenge every week with our stall at the Portobello Market, as it is 7ft wide and 17ft deep to bring the customer inside of our stall. We always change around our items and that’s way we ensure all items get fair chance to be displayed in various positions.

Portobello Market Stall

Portobello Market Stall

–       Be informative: I always try to write the prices in a bigger sign. If the prices can only be seen by going very close to the item then lots of customer would not bother to do so. As Portobello Market being one of the top tourist destinations, we get thousand and thousands of tourists and lots of them I found are shy or hesitance to ask about the price. So a big sign or sticker with prices is does the job and also it helps the tourist to convert the GBP to their own currency.

Be informative

Be informative

Portobello Market Stall

Portobello Market Stall

–       Social Networking: Do not underestimate the power of online social networking like FaceBook and other sites as they could give you regular fans or follower and often they will pay you a visit at your stall. Our FaceBook group ‘Best of Portobello Market’ is a slow start but member are writing messages and comments on the discussion borad.

–       Blog / Website: Start writing a regular blog and if you can manage build a website. Our blog that you are reading has more than 1000 unique visitors a week. If you need any help with these, give me a shout and I can help you out.


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  2. we are a part of an NGO and work with underprivileged women through
    SHG’s. we want to market their products (fancy things like designer candles crochet bags hats etc) via stalls in college fests. can you tell how can go about publicity during the fest and also before. thanks 🙂

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